Inspiring a love of learning

The Kindergarten is the first stage of your child’s education and we are here to support them as they take their first tentative steps on their journey of life-long learning.

Perhaps the most important thing for children of this age is adapting from life at home to life at school. We actively foster a strong partnership between the two bedrocks of your child’s life and encourage parents to be closely involved in the education of their child, helping them to learn through what comes naturally to them: playing, exploring, investigating and questioning.

We take great care to balance structure with informality and creativity. Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff will encourage your child’s curiosity and imagination, capturing their attention to achieve sound communication, language, literacy and mathematical skills. In addition, we aim to develop linguistic skills in a second language.

Kindergarten children will learn about a variety of cultures from visitors who support classroom topics. They also enjoy a wide range of trips that enhance the rich curriculum. This approach improves our children’s understanding of the world around them and helps to enrich all that they have learned in the classroom.

In our private Kindergarten, children from the age of 3 (KN) to the age of 7 (K2) are taught in four classes or year groups called Kindergarten Nursery (KN), Kindergarten Reception (KR), K1 (Year 1) and K2 (Year 2).