A better way to learn

You’ll find that our Private Junior School pupils are happy, bright and confident children. As most parents appreciate, children at this age learn best by “doing”, as they have a natural desire to explore, investigate and challenge themselves.

As a Gad’s pupil, your child will be offered an excellent all-round education, balancing academic success with exceptional pastoral care and a wide range of activities.

With classes restricted to a maximum of 20 children, our teachers have more time to forge constructive relationships with their pupils. This, and our children’s undaunted love of adventure, helps to reinforce academic development.

Unlike most other primary school children, Gad’s pupils enjoy the facilities shared with our adjoining Senior School. This means that Physical Education, Music and Drama lessons are always fun as the children make full use of our on-site theatre, extensive gymnasium, playing fields, jungle gym, assault course, and astroturf.

The close relationship with our Senior School means that our Juniors also benefit from being taught by dedicated subject specialists for sports, swimming, music, drama, DT, Art and IT.

All of our Private Junior School pupils enjoy experiencing a range of out-of-school visits which help to enrich and enhance the wide and varied curriculum on offer at Gad’s. Many of these trips involve outdoor pursuits. Our Year 5 and 6 pupils spend an eagerly anticipated residential trip away at an adventurous-activity centre.