At Gad’s Hill School, we know that outstanding pastoral care and academic success go hand in hand: ambitious learners thrive in a community that nurtures, respects and supports every individual while challenging them to achieve their best.

Our idyllic, leafy and spacious school campus is an oasis from the modern world, where children’s well-being is always a priority. Every child has a form tutor who will guide and support them, and who serves as a first contact for parents. In the younger years, your child’s form tutor will be at the classroom gate to welcome them in each morning and every day begins with a form time or communal singing and celebration in a school assembly. As children grow through the school, tutors take a lead in the development of growth mind-set techniques and progress towards both social and academic SMART targets.

Pastoral support, however, is not limited to the form tutor. In small class sizes, all our teachers can identify and respond rapidly to concerns when they arise. Their superb knowledge of each child means that, unlike in some other settings, an issue does not need to become a crisis before it can be resolved.

On commencement at Gad’s Hill, every pupil is placed in one of three Houses. Our House system provides the opportunity for children to work together in friendly competition, organising sports teams, drama performances and charity fundraising events. Within this structure, we take every opportunity to encourage children to take on their own leadership and this is another facet of our pastoral care: it has always been our belief that when you entrust children with responsibility and make evident your faith in them, they will very rarely let you down.

Indeed, one of the happiest features of our community is the manner in which our children look out for each other. From our Seniors supporting Kindergarten pupils with their reading or helping run their Sports Day to our highly successful school councils and pupil mentoring systems, or even just the friendships that span year group divides, ours is a school of a noticeable positivity and mutual care.

Regular Well-Being Days, as well as assemblies and our SMSC curriculum, teach children the importance of looking after themselves and the link between mental and physical health. Children learn to stay safe, online and in the real world, and how to be resilient in the face of adversity. Recent Well-Being Days have given pupils the opportunity to dance, paint, bake, meditate and much more alongside the usual curriculum. Our school has a full-time Medical and Welfare Manager who can provide support and connections to children and families who need them, and she is one of several fully trained safeguarding leads who work together and with all staff to keep the whole school safe.

The school actively promotes the fundamental values and ethos that we hold dear and we are proud of our diverse, vibrant and inclusive community.