Gad’s Hill School offers a broad range of GCSE choices and activities for Year 9 pupils making the transition from Key Stage Three. Along with sciences, humanities, and languages, we encourage sporting and musical excellence in our learners and support them to achieve their full potential.

The GCSE years are a challenge for all pupils and our ethos at the school is to support them in their learning, but also to challenge and push them to achieve their best.

We support this through regular teaching and learning and a constant dialogue with parents about how their child is progressing. Because Gad’s Hill School is a close and supporting community, we work very closely with parents to fully address all learning and pastoral needs.

All Senior School pupils have a dedicated form tutor who will work closely with the Head of the Senior School, the Director of Studies and our Key Stage Four Lead for Standards and Aspirations to monitor and review the progress of each pupil under their care.

Parental reports are made available throughout the year together with a parental consultation evening for each year group where parents can speak with each subject teacher.

Every pupil in Years 9, 10 and 11 will also be offered a choice of clubs within the extended working day and will study the core subjects along with their option choices made at the end of Key Stage 3. We pride ourselves as an all-through school and work hard to make the transition between Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 as smooth as possible for all students. Small classes allow staff to engage all pupils in variety ways.

At Key Stage 4 the school continues to offer SMSC and Critical Thinking lessons, with themes supported by the work of the Form Tutor during daily tutor time. Each child is encouraged and empowered to participate in the life of the school and to reach their full potential whether on the sporting field, playing an instrument, raising money for charity or enhancing the school assemblies with topical presentations and dramatizations.


Year 11

We understand at Gad’s Hill that Year 11 is a very demanding time for our pupils, big choices need to be made and exams must be thoroughly revised for. We promote the idea of preparing learners for all aspects of life too, and encourage a mature and responsible attitude amongst pupils by assigning prefect duties and choosing deputies and a head of school.

Pupils sit two series of Pre-Public Entry Examinations in the Autumn and Spring term in preparation for the summer public examinations. During the Easter Holidays the school often provides a series of revision sessions.

At the end of Year 11, pupils leaving us for sixth form colleges or other kinds of further education have our guidance, advice and help in crafting personal statements and choosing subjects that are right for them.

At Gad’s Hill we offer first class academic learning for pupils but we also seek to offer throughout the GCSEs a ‘whole’ education, preparing our pupils for an ever changing world.