Welcome to Senior School

A Route to Excellence

At Gad’s Hill we have high and exacting standards, underpinned by a commitment to shared traditional values. This leads to a happy, positive environment, where each pupil can flourish, whatever their talent.

We recognise that education is about preparation for life. We treat each child as an individual, stretching the more able and encouraging those who need extra assistance. We consciously give our pupils opportunities to develop skills which will serve them well in later years. While the curriculum focuses on preparation for GCSE success, we aim to provide our private senior school pupils with a foundation in life, not just the best exam results.

Gad’s Hill pupils are encouraged to go beyond the curriculum – to develop a love of learning rather than just seeing school as a gateway to higher education. We place great value on our pupils enjoying themselves and regularly involve them in activities they love; performing arts, music, sports, community projects, extra-curricular activities, and overseas trips that broaden their horizons. This helps to create well-rounded, interesting individuals who can display teamwork, resilience, concentration, and confidence in front of an audience. The breadth of what we offer combined with excellent facilities and first-class teaching means that our pupils improve their prowess in subjects that they may need on their path to a rewarding career.