The teaching of Mathematics aims to give all pupils a solid grounding in both the everyday mathematics that they will encounter throughout their life and an ability to problem solve, think logically and apply rules and methods in different situations, ultimately equipping them for GCSE success. Lessons are taught following the National Curriculum using interactive whiteboards, online resources, and a combination of individual work, group work and practical tasks.

The department currently has three full time members of staff, with other staff members teaching part-time, with custom classrooms and an additional games room where board games, puzzles and other mathematical tools are used to supplement the learning.

Pupils are encouraged to enter school base puzzle competitions, national competitions such as the UK Maths Challenge, which has both individual and team events each year, as well as make use of after school help sessions on offer. All Key Stage 3 pupils have access to the online Mathletics program which is also used to enhance classroom learning. There is access to learning support for pupils who need extra help in the subject.

All students are entered for GCSE Mathematics, with the option of studying GCSE Statistics as a second qualification for the more mathematically keen students.