The study of geography develops intellectual yet practical skills which students put into use every day, both at school and beyond. Geography graduates are highly rated by employers, with their almost unique historical and contemporary perspective on human life. Their understanding of landscape, climate and society, coupled with natural curiosity produces rational thinkers and problem solvers, of much value to industry, education, and indeed to society.

Fieldwork is an important part of the learning process, and teaching is lively and invigorating.  Every pupil in Years 7 to 8 is taught Geography, with the GCSE syllabus starting in Year 9.  There is a strong emphasis on geographical skills and a sense of place.

At Gad’s, we study a range of physical and human geography topics following the national curriculum, including weather, rivers, glaciers, population and urbanisation, map skills and much more.  At GCSE we study the AQA syllabus, including a range of fieldwork opportunities.

Students at Gad’s have the chance to experience ‘real’ Geography through a variety of fieldtrips. We have walked the Seven Sisters, studied crime in the local area, completed GCSE controlled assessment in Devon, explored the development of the London Docklands and travelled as far as Iceland and China!