English is one of the core subjects in the primary curriculum and is of particular importance as it permeates all the other curriculum areas. At Gad’s Hill School, English is taught by class teachers, which allows for its full integration into all the other subjects we offer.

English is divided into key areas which are of prime importance to learning. The children are given numerous opportunities throughout each day to practise their speaking and listening skills by engaging in guided conversation on specific topics or circle time. It is widely recognised that pupils who have regular, quality discussions are better equipped for writing.

Reading is one of the most important skills that a child will learn. It provides not only a source of pleasure, but also a most important means of obtaining information. From an early age, Gad’s Hill School pupils take books home to share with adults. As they become more proficient, they extend their reading matter to a wider choice of fiction and non-fiction books which they choose from our well-sourced school library.

Children need to write as a means of communication, and as a way of clarifying their own thoughts. It also allows them to record their individual opinions and ideas. Our pupils are introduced to various styles of writing to enable them to select the most appropriate genre for any writing task they undertake.

Gad’s aims to provide its pupils with a classroom environment which is conducive to learning English skills in a lively and interesting manner and which stimulates the language experience for all children.