Our aim is to share with you information regarding your child’s exciting transition from primary education to the Senior School here at Gad’s Hill.

Decisions about your child’s secondary education are some of the most important you will have to make. Being a teenager in our modern society brings huge pressures, so you will want to know that they are able to broaden their horizons and take on increasing responsibilities in a supportive, nurturing community in which they are treated as individuals and held to high standards of conduct.

At Gad’s Hill, we are passionate about the work we do to develop independent young people who are well-equipped both academically and socially to fulfil their potential and their dreams.

Our small class sizes, educational rigour and outstanding pastoral care mean that whatever path your child follows, we are able to encourage and facilitate their journey – whether that leads to success at top universities, a job in the City, musical or acting careers or elsewhere.

We know that sixth forms and colleges are looking for students who stand out from hundreds of other applicants. That’s why, in addition to a broad selection of GCSE core and optional subjects, we expect our children to complete a wide range of additional qualifications in areas as diverse as the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, First Aid, LAMDA or BTECs in Teamwork and Personal Development or a Level 2 qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Several of these additional qualifications are achieved through membership of our renowned Combined Cadet Force. These are courses that supplement a strong set of GCSE grades and mean that our children time and time again impress at interviews because they have real life experiences about which they can talk with passion and self-confidence.

You may have heard about the significant changes that have happened to GCSE qualifications in recent years. In addition to the change to a 1-9 numbered system, most coursework has been removed from the national curriculum in favour of rigorous, terminal assessment at the end of Year 11. In most subject areas there is significantly more content to be covered now than previously, and to a standard reserved previously for A-level study.