Age:  24

Job title: Director of an events agency

County and country of residence:  Kent, UK

Years attended Gad’s Hill:  2005-2010

House:  Haig

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Brief details of job:  I run a small but growing events agency. It’s quite difficult to explain what my job entails, as every day I do something different. One day I might be planning a corporate dinner for 700 people in London, followed by a private birthday party in Kent, and the next a small wedding in Costa Rica. I spend most of my time making events happen, creating designs, sketching up ideas, and then finding the right people to help execute those ideas.

As a small business owner, I also have to make sure the business actually functions. This means taking care of the marketing, accounts, HR and all other areas of the company. When you’re in your first few years of business, you must wear many hats!

Attributes needed for this job: To sustain a career in the events industry, being calm is a skill that’s imperative. I say skill as it is learned and maintained. Enjoying variety and change is also important, as no two days are ever the same, nor are any two events. It’s an incredibly fast-paced environment, so being able to think on your feet and asses what’s most important in the moment is key. A successful events manager isn’t determined by how well they execute plan A, it’s how they put plan F into action.

How did your time at Gad’s prepare you for your career?:  Gad’s not only prepared me for my career, but should be held accountable! In year 10 I was the chair of the summer ball committee, and I truly believe this is where it started for me. It was a great insight into the components of an event, and I enjoyed it so much.

Gad’s taught me that it’s up to you to work hard, and you’re ultimately in control of what you achieve if you work for it.

CCF taught me how to work in a team, the ability to problem solve and that I never want to be in the army!

When I started Gad’s in 2005 I had little to no confidence. Now, I stand in boardrooms pitching my business to big corporate companies with pride, even if I am a bit nervous on the inside. As a prefect and vice head of school, I learned how to speak to people and not be scared of challenges I face. I’m severely dyslexic, but with the support of Gad’s that’s never got in my way.

I learned how to be a well-rounded, well-mannered person at Gad’s, and for that I will be forever grateful.