There are a maximum of 60 places available with three forms of up to approximately 20 pupils. Parents should apply for admission by 31st October for their child to be considered for a place although casual applications will be considered throughout the academic year or until all places are full.
There are two main channels of application for applicants wishing to apply for a place in Year 7;

Direct Registration
Parents interested in applying for a place in the Senior School for their child can register at any time prior to the academic year of entry. To register your child please click here.

At the beginning of the autumn term of Year 6 we will invite those candidates who are already registered to attend the Charles Dickens academic scholarship although it is not compulsory. Those not wishing to sit the academic scholarship exam will be invited in for a taster and assessment day.

Academic Scholarships
At the beginning of the autumn term other local Year 6 children will be invited to take the Charles Dickens academic scholarship assessment. Registration for this opens in the summer before. Further details regarding the arrangements will be published on the scholarship page the spring before.

Each year we will offer a number of scholarships, which will see fees reduced by up to 100%. These scholarships are open to any pupil from any school, independent or public sector. Candidates who register to take the scholarship examination will be required to attend Gad’s Hill School to sit an academic test which will comprise of English, Maths and non-verbal reasoning. Students who show a high academic ability may subsequently be offered a place in Shell (Year 7) here at Gad’s Hill with an accompanying scholarship which will see fees reduced by up to 100% for the duration of that child’s secondary education here (subject to the usual conditions attached to any scholarship award).

In addition to the academic scholarships, we are happy to welcome candidates wishing to pursue a non-academic scholarship. These are reviewed on an ad-hoc basis and are dependent on a successful academic taster/assessment day, as described in the Direct Registration procedure.
To find out more about academic and non-academic scholarships please click here.

To find out when our next open day is please click here or to arrange a private tour of the Senior School on a school day please click here.