Your child is living in a vast, wide, wonderful world and the more they learn about it, the better equipped they will be for the changing world in which they will live and work. All of our subject departments organize educational visits for our pupils to experience. Trips, expeditions and tours enhance the curriculum, but more importantly are interesting and fun!

Experiencing the Wider World

Senior school children are regularly taken on trips and visits outside of the school’s grounds, from cultural excursions to going to watch major sporting events.

We also offer residential visits which help to develop a student’s independence and self reliance. These are eagerly anticipated each year and in recent years have included trips to France – to Paris, St Omer and Le Mans – to enhance foreign language skills.  Elsewhere, trips to Belgium have included visits to the WW1 battlefields and annual Rugby and Netball tours. Science and Geography lessons have been consolidated and expanded through trips to Iceland and China, while the horrors of modern History were brought to life through trips to Labour Camps in Poland and Germany.

In the summer holidays our students are offered the opportunity to experience a multitude of adrenalin-fuelled activities in Italy and France. Previous trips have included white-water rafting, canoeing, climbing and abseiling.

Closer to home our children enjoy their visits to museums, theatres, exhibitions and events.

Our external experiences are very useful for learning and also for enjoying each other’s company outside the school.