Right from the start of their time at Gad’s, all of our pupils learn to play a variety of musical instruments and, as parents, you will have regular opportunities to see your child perform. Our children benefit by being taught by dedicated teachers in specially built music classrooms and they will also be able to take advantage of private tuition from visiting peripatetic specialists. If pupils show vocal or musical talent, they can join one of Gad’s thriving choirs, ensembles or bands that perform at our concerts, not only at school but at some of the country’s famous venues including the Royal Albert Hall as well as Rochester and Canterbury Cathedrals.

We are also proud to hold an evening of music where soloists of the highest standard in the school and all the ensemble groups are invited to perform to the delight of family and friends.

Music is always active and very practical with enjoyment of the subject being a primary objective. Lively and busy is the musical life of a child at Gad’s Hill School!