Pupils taking the course have the opportunity to develop into excellent musicians, working closely with others to develop key skills such as teamwork; self-expression; confidence; sensitivity, and communication.


All the course assignments are completed as coursework: there is no final examination at the end of Year 11.

As part of the course, pupils are involved in several activities, including:

• Planning, preparing, and performing in a BTEC concert
• Learning solo and ensemble percussion pieces
• Taking a rehearsal
• Recording sessions
• Developing advanced percussion skills
• A research project

A significant part of the course will involve learning new pieces to play, and performing these at Gad’s concerts.

Musical development also encourages the acquisition of important life skills:

  • Teamwork is a central component of all ensemble work
  • Empathy and communication grow out of the pursuit of shared musical goals
  • Striving for excellence develops self discipline, perseverance, and endeavour
  • Learning complex pieces of music requires enhanced dexterity, coordination and increases memory capacity
  • Performing to an audience develops confidence and self assurance
  • Individual expression is an integral part of the act of music making, allowing a unique personal response to develop, thus fostering creativity and sensitivity
  • Musical ability develops through regular practise and repetition of tasks over considerable lengths of time, promoting high levels of determination, commitment and persistence
  • A musical performance engages and combines the intellectual, emotional, kinesthetic aspects of learning