History is extremely popular at Gad’s, and staff are highly effective in sharing their passion for the past. The subject is enjoyed by all in Years 7 and 8, and is offered as an option at GCSE from Year 9.

In the first three years, the syllabus broadly follows the National Curriculum with a chronological journey through British and some world history from 1066-1994, ranging from the medieval Battle of Hastings to Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper to twentieth century warfare. In line with national changes, new topics such as the French Revolution, are due to be introduced.

At GCSE, students study AQA History A option, which includes popular units, ‘The History of Health and Medicine Through Time’ and ‘Germany 1918-1945’, as well as a local history study on Rochester Castle.

The department believes it important to venture outside the classroom on occasion and explore living history around us. Key Stage Three students will be travelling to the Somme in France for a three day battlefield tour, while GCSE students will complement their study of Nazi Germany with a four day trip to Munich.  There are also memorable day trips and visiting speakers to supplement classwork.