The study of Design Technology provides pupils with the opportunity to develop problem solving skills through project work. Pupils are encouraged to think laterally, and develop their own particular creativity and expertise in design.

The department currently has two members of staff. It is housed in a well-equipped building with an excellent range of facilities for working with resistant materials, including a 600w laser cutter.

Recently, the department introduced a Food Technology module. This has given pupils the opportunity to learn some key life skills and has encouraged them to experiment with cooking healthy and nutritious food at home. Pupils also take part in a number of school, local and national design competitions, such as the Design Museum’s Design Ventura contest.

Pupils are taught through project work, gaining skills in design of the three main resistant materials: wood, plastic and metals, as well as graphic work, product analysis, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).  GCSE pupils follow the Design and Technology Resistant Materials course.

Each term pupils will be asked to creatively respond to a design brief by designing, planning and manufacturing their own unique product.  The emphasis is on ensuring pupils develop core skills and competencies necessary for successful completion of a GCSE.

Through Design and Technology we hope to enable pupils to become creative designers, to experiment with their ideas and develop awareness and understanding of current manufacturing technologies, preparing them to be designers of the future.