By studying Drama, students at Gad’s Hill School are provided with an opportunity to improve their confidence and their ability to work in a team through exploration of theatrical styles and prepared improvisation performances. They are encouraged to create drama that is interesting and engaging and to become innovative theatre makers.

Drama classes at Gad’s take place in the new hall, which has a good sized stage and a fully operative lighting and sound system. Students who are interested in the technical side of theatre can therefore work on lighting or sound design and are encouraged to help out during major school productions.

There are plenty of extra-curricular opportunities for drama at Gad’s, including annual school production and the house plays competition which takes place in the summer. This competition is directed by Year 10 GCSE Drama students, encouraging them to increase their range of theatrical skills.

GCSE Drama students produce two performances in Year 10 and again in Year 11. These performances can based around improvisation, Theatre in Education, script work, and many other topics. The GCSE students also have live theatre trips as part of the course, to allow them to see the subject in action!