Learning Support

As a non-selective school, Gad’s Hill School has a number of children who require additional support within class for a variety of individual reasons. All of these children are provided with a structured programme of work, developed by staff and parents, which is tailored to support an individual’s need in Literacy or Numeracy.

We have an excellent team of Learning Support Teachers and Assistants who may either come into the classroom to help with class work or work with children on an individual basis or in small groups. Some children only require a short burst to catch up with missed concepts while others need ongoing support for dyslexia for example. The aim is to build confidence in pupils who may often have suffered frustration and discouragement, and to offer them strategies that they can transfer to their mainstream lessons in order to help them achieve their potential.

We offer in-house screening; full assessments are carried out externally by educational psychologists. We also ensure that all staff have an appreciation of various conditions such as Dyslexia, Asperger’s and Dyspraxia, to name a few, and organise in-service training. We also ensure that information relating to pupils’ Special Educational Needs (SEN) is disseminated to all members of staff efficiently.

Learning Support staff are also responsible for identifying pupils who are academically more able as well as those who have talents in non-academic areas. Setting occurs in certain subjects which helps departments differentiate and stretch pupils where necessary. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to take part in enrichment activities such as participating in the UK Maths challenge, trials for representative teams, or regional and national events as well as national competitions for Art and Design.