The Learning Support Department at Gad’s Hill focuses on realising the school’s mission; ensuring that all students with SEND, EAL, and other significant factors impacting learning, can achieve through a holistic approach, underpinned by our school values of Excellence, Enthusiasm, Friendship and Success.

All students require different support and challenge to fully realise their potential. Where appropriate, the Learning Support Department provide a range of provision, such as Literacy, Numeracy, Emotional Literacy, and Academic Studies, to support students’ achievement of personal and academic success.

For pupils requiring SEN support, the school follows the Waves of Intervention approach, in accordance with NASEN (National Association of Special Educational Needs) best practice.


Level 1 : Inclusive Quality First Teaching for all

Once the need for SEN support has been identified, our first step is to ensure that high-quality teaching, differentiated for individual student’s specific identified needs, is in place.

Pupil Passports are used to inform a personalised approach to teaching and learning, with reasonable classroom adjustments being used to facilitate learning.


Level 2 Targeted Group/Time Limited Interventions

At Level 2, specific, additional interventions are provided for some students who require further targeted support in order to boost progress and reduce gaps between student achievement and expected age attainment.

These interventions can take the form of:

* Short-term/ brief, precision teaching interventions

* Small group interventions targeted at a group of students with similar needs

Targeted Learning Support Lessons may:

* Consolidation of topics covered in class to ensure understanding/ retainment

* Revisiting of previous learning

* Lower age knowledge and skills development


Level 3 Specialist 1:1 Interventions

At Level 3, students receive highly personalised provision from well qualified Learning Support and/or subject specialist teachers in a 1:1 setting. Personalised Programmes are created for a small number of pupils who require the most intensive support. Support is wholly personalised and linked to the classroom curriculum.

Specialist 1:1 provision may:

* Target specific SEND/EAL related skills/ knowledge gaps

* Consolidate curriculum learning through individually targeted methods

* Revisiting of previous learning

* Lower age knowledge and skills development

A programme of study is designed and reviewed by the Learning Support teacher in collaboration with the student, parents, and class teacher, and monitored by the Learning Support Co-ordinator.