Gad’s Hill is a thriving Private School in Rochester for boys and girls aged 3-16, offering first class environment for all pupils to take their education to the next level, whilst also developing them as individuals, including enhancing their confidence and motivation levels.

Our Nursery School provides an exciting and fun area for children between the ages of 3-5, where your child’s develop is critical to help enhance their all-round development, socially, morally, as well as academically. Gad’s Hill achieves this within a fully secure, fun and caring environment where each child is assigned to their own ‘Key Person’ to aid and monitor their development.

Learn more about the Nursery School here: Nursery.

The Kingergarten area of our Private School in Rochester provides your child with their first stage of education, and we make it our mission to ensure that they are supported every step of the way, allowing them to both develop and adapt to school life. This includes allowing them to develop through what comes naturally to them, which is, of course, playing, exploring, investigating and questioning.

Our Junior School is full of happy, bright and confident children, who receive an excellent all-round education. This level of education is evenly balance out with exceptional pastoral care and a wide range of activities. Also, as our classes are restricted to a maximum of 20 children, our teachers are able to develop more constructive relationships with their pupils. This naturally helps to bring on the development of each child accordingly.

Discover more about the Junior School here: Junior.

Finally, the Gad’s Hill Private School in Rochester provides a first class environment for Senior students, where high and exacting standards are underpinned by a commitment to share traditional values. Each child is treated as an individual, which allows each child to flourish in their own way. We consciously give our pupils opportunities to develop skills which will serve them well in later years, both from an educational and life development perspective.

We are keen to encourage pupils to go beyond the curriculum and develop a genuine love for learning.

Learn more about our Private Senior School here: Senior.

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