Gad’s Hill is one of the leading Private Schools in Kent and the surrounding area, and allows boys and girls – aged 3 to 16 to thrive, develop their minds and become best young adults that they can be.

The school provides a wonderfully happy, vibrant, forward looking community for all students to enjoy and learn.

Set in the grounds of the former Georgian home of world-renowned author Charles Dickens, overlooking the countryside and just 22 minutes by train from London, the school enjoys a superb setting for the nurturing of young minds and development and growth of our pupils.

As you would expect, children perform at their highest levels when they are at their happiest, and this is why Gad’s Hill focuses heavily on providing a friendly environment for the students, where hard work and enthusiasm provides the foundations for the highest levels of success to be achieved.


However, Private School in Kent also believes that there is more to life than exam results, which is why we want to improve our pupil’s life skills, helping them to become more confident, motivated and articulated, which will provide them with all of the necessary skills to achieve even greater things throughout their next stage of education, or whatever road life takes them.

Contact Gad’s Hill today on 01474 822 366 to discover why we are one of the leading Private Schools in Kent.

Our school is located near Rochester.