K2 investigate their humanities by following topics based around History and Geography, linked to Science where appropriate. Aspects of art are also included. The topics have been taught on a half termly basis. In the Autumn term, K2 learn about Food and Staying Healthy (Science/Geography based) and The Great Fire of London (History based). In the Spring term, K2 learn about An Island Home (Geography based) and Florence Nightingale (History based). In the Summer term, K2 learn about Life Cycles and Variation (Science based), Charles Dickens (History based) and Mexico (Geography based). RE is taught throughout the year and varies in its topics from seasonal events, to religious concepts and personal issues.  K2 also consider certain PSHE and Citizenship aspects of study too.  Features of our studies within this subject are: Making Choices, Changes, Christmas and the Nativity, Mother’s Day and Spring Time; Easter, Caring for Animals and Taking Part.