K1 Creative Development

K1 complete a variety of art activities often linked to other areas of learning. They start off the Autumn term painting self – portraits which make a wonderful display in the classroom. They study the work of various artists including Mondrian and Georgia O’Keefe, completing pictures in the same style. Collage work explores using different materials, linked in with work in Science. K1 also complete observational drawings of spring flowers and Leeds Castle. In the Summer term they start to review their own work and the work of others to identify areas where improvements could be made.

K2 Creative Development

Art is taught in a cross-curricular way in K2. Pupils are encouraged to explore ideas, using a variety of starting points. They investigate and use a variety of materials and processes to communicate their ideas, and design and make images and artifacts. They comment on differences in others’ work, and suggest ways of improving their own.