Kindergarten learning is about fun, opening minds, encouraging confident communication skills through the sharing of ideas and inspiring a love of learning. Teaching and learning in our Kindergarten is exciting, stimulating, fun and provides a wide range of opportunities in a secure and happy environment.

Our children love to explore, investigate and question and the dedicated and enthusiastic staff who look after this school give curiosity and imagination full reign.

It is very important for us as a school to communicate well with parents and so we report on children’s progress in several different ways, both structured and in a more informal way. This is in the form of academic reports and parents evenings, with the first early in the academic year, providing an opportunity to catch up, to see how your child is settling in and how school work is progressing. There is also an Open Door policy for parents so that they can pop in and have a chat if they ever have any concerns or queries.


The aim of the Kindergarten is to provide the children with a safe, happy and stimulating environment in which they can develop at their own pace, socially, physically, emotionally and academically. The children are encouraged to be self-motivated and independent, yet aware of their peers. The Kindergarten Nursery is a bridge from home to school and an introduction to the more structured environment they will encounter in Kindergarten 1 (Year 1).

At Gad’s Hill School, young children will explore, investigate and question so that they learn while their curiosity and imagination is given full reign.

Our Early Learning goals for our Kindergarten Nursery and Reception are:

  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Mathematical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World, including Information Technology
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development
  • Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing

In addition, we aim to develop linguistic skills in a second language, in this instance Spanish.  Learning takes place through well-structured play and by adults extending child-initiated activities.

From Kindergarten 1 (Year 1) the aim of the teaching is to achieve very strong foundations in the core literacy and numeracy skills, following the National Curriculum Key Stage 1, meanwhile exciting children in the learning process. Subjects such as Art, Technology and the humanities are introduced at this stage to develop children’s inquisitive and creative side. We also introduce some specialist subject teaching where deemed appropriate and stimulating.

This approach has resulted in a high proportion of our Kindergarten 2 (Year 2) achieving above the national expectation in English, Maths and Science.