Music is an integral part of life at Gad’s Hill School. All pupils are given the opportunity to learn an instrument and take part in the varied musical activities on offer.

Class activities focus on performance, listening skills and composition. All pupils have two lessons a week, which include activities such as singing and playing instruments.

There are many opportunities to perform, in class, assembly and in one of our many concerts. There are also a wide range of extra curricular activities including Junior Ensemble and Junior Choir, These activities are supported or led by the team of visiting peripatetic teachers who teach: piano, violin, cello, guitar and singing.

We are also proud to hold an evening of music where soloists of the highest standard in the school and all the ensemble groups are invited to perform to the delight of family and friends.

Music is always active and very practical with enjoyment of the subject being a primary objective. Lively and busy is the musical life of a child at Gad’s Hill School!