Science makes an increasing contribution to all aspects of life and is a core subject of the National Curriculum. Children are naturally curious and fascinated by everything around them. The study of science helps them answer their “why” questions and make sense of their world.

We base our teaching around an engaging programme of study to meet the needs of all pupils. The children will develop their knowledge and understanding of living things (their environment and processes), materials and their properties and the physical sciences.

They will be given the opportunity to develop investigative skills. The ‘scientific method’ used encourages the development of both thinking and physical skills. This will include exploring, questioning, hypothesising, testing, observing, predicting, and reaching sound conclusions.

The school has a well-equipped science resource room and full use is made of our extensive grounds with its woodland and field.

The teaching of the curriculum is enhanced by regular visits. The school is situated within easy access of the rivers Horton Kirby and the museums of London. Year Six pupils spend five days on a residential course, which includes scientific studies.

Our aims are to develop an enjoyment of science, equip our pupils with sound knowledge and enable them to become confident learners who can think creatively, critically and have a desire to solve problems.