Children may commence KN/Nursery after their 3rd birthday. On occasion, we are able to accept applications for a child to start the term before their 3rd birthday. This will be subject to availability and a successful home or current nursery visit as detailed in our admissions policy.

Our Session times in the nursery are:

Morning session – excluding lunch 08.30am-11.30am, including lunch 08.30am-12.10pm

Afternoon session – excluding lunch 12.10pm – 3.10pm, including lunch 11.30am – 3.10pm

A full day in the nursery commences at 8.30am and finishes at 3.10pm

Parents are welcome to choose the number of sessions they require to suit their needs. However it is recommended that they attend at least 5 sessions (one session = one morning or one afternoon) per week to ensure sufficient curriculum material is covered. Fees are payable per session (details of current fees are available here).

In addition to the normal school day we are able to offer wraparound care from 7.30am – 6pm. Please click here to find out more about these sessions and the additional cost.


Early Years Funding

  1. For new pupils without a sibling connection, the school makes available places that are funded by the local authority for up to 15 hrs per week. The first five sessions are available each afternoon, Monday to Friday, 12.10 – 3.10pm providing there are vacancies and subject to our usual entrance criteria. Any pupil who attends for more than 5 sessions per week, will have their first 5 sessions funded by the local authority and the 6th and subsequent sessions will be subject to the standard fees being charged as will lunches, pre and after school care which are outside of the scope of the early years funding scheme.
  2. For new pupils who have an older sibling who have formally accepted or have an existing place at Gad’s Hill School in KR or above, the 15 hours of funded early years provision is available for any of our published morning or afternoon sessions providing there are vacancies and subject to our usual entrance criteria.

Parents may register their child at any time from birth up until the start of the academic year of entry. To register your child please click here.

To find out when our next open day is please click here or to arrange a private tour of the nursery on a school day please click here.