Have a question about Gad’s Hill School? Prospective and exsisting students and parents can check here first for answers to common questions about the school!


Where can I find out if you have any vacancies at the school?

Details of any open positions can be found here.

I want information on school policies.

You can download all our current policies on the statutory information pages on the website here. If you have any queries about these please contact Shirley Gurteen, Director of Standards Development DirectorOfStandards@gadshillschool.org

Where is a copy of your latest school inspection?

It can be found by visiting here.

I want information on school uniform and where I can buy it.

If you wish to view information on the current requirements for school uniform you can do so by contacting the School office and viewing the Uniform pages in the Pupil Handbook (on the School Information System). If you are still unsure you can contact the school which will be able to provide you with the information that you require.

I want information on school term dates and holidays.

Term dates can be found here , but otherwise please see above answer. All events are listed in on the ‘Today at Gad’s’ calendar on the School Information System.

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Where can I access the Events Calendar?

You can access the Events Calendar in two different places, you can find out what is going on today by viewing the ‘Today’ notice board. To view major forthcoming events view the ‘Events’ notice boards. If you attend Gad’s,  to find out about more day-to-day on goings, please log in to the School Information System and view the ‘Today at Gad’s’ calendar. Here you can view today’s calendar, weekly calendars and monthly events. Please check this regularly to ensure information is up-to-date. If you have lost your parent or pupil login, please contact the School’s ICT department on 01474 822366.

Where can I find information about school fees?

Details of admission fees can be be found here.

I am a new parent and want to find out information relating to my child starting school.

You can request a Gad’s Hill School prospectus via contacting our admissions secretary, Sheena Fitzgerald. She can be contacted via admissions@gadshillschool.org; or by calling 01474 822366. Alternatively view the admissions pages for more information.