A local historian has created a mini museum in the Year Three classrooms, to help them learn more about Ancient Egypt.

The seven to eight-year-old Juniors welcomed a member of Maidstone Museum to lead an interactive workshop, as part of this term’s History project.

After finding out some fascinating and ‘frightening’ facts about life in 3,000 to 30BC, the classmates were presented with artefacts to make a temporary class display as the museum is closed.

Year Three form tutor, Mr Waring, said:  “Not being able to visit the museum hasn’t hindered our research, as we are now the proud exhibitors of such curiosities as amulets, coins, spell books, hieroglyphic carvings, jewellery, scarebs and even a replica of a skull, from what was then the wealthiest country in the world.

“The children have been studying Mummification and hearing about the process from an expert has really boosted their understanding and knowledge of the somewhat gruesome custom!

“We are so grateful to the museum for providing such in-depth information and look forward to being able to visit again very soon.”

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