GCSE students have demonstrated their filleting and presentation skills while learning more about the importance of fish in a healthy balanced diet.

The Year nine Food Preparation and Nutrition cohort cooked cod fishcakes, after learning NHS guidelines recommend eating at least two portions of fish each week.

As well as carefully combining fresh ingredients and shaping and cooking the dish, the 13-14 year-olds considered ways of making fish more appealing, and look more appetising, to children who may not have tried or like it.

The class found out that fish and shellfish are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals and oily fish is particularly high in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which helps protect the heart.

With this in mind, together, they proudly presented their dishes complete with a pea purée, Tartar sauce and lemon wedge.

Part of the GCSE curriculum is to understand where food is sourced from and future lessons will see the group study sustainability of various types of fish and seafood, and other produce.

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