Eco-friendly Juniors are helping to keep Gad’s Hill rubbish free by litter-picking in their spare time.

The four strong working group led an assembly on how fellow Gadshillians can support them in their quest to clean up the school community and protect the environment.

Lily, who founded ‘Gad’s Guardians’ last year, introduced classmates Austine, Leela and Manroop, who spoke about the importance of waste disposal and recycling in and out of school.  Together, they challenged their cohort to consider reducing, reusing and recycling and get involved with their quest to make the school, and the #GadsFamily, more environmentally responsible.

Fellow J5 student Olivia was invited on stage to show how recycling can be ecologically sound and fun by exhibiting practical products, such as a pen pot, that she had created from everyday objects destined for the dustbin.

Head of Junior School, Miss Samantha Long, said:  “I continue to be impressed by the girls’ hard work and commitment which should inspire us all to think about what we can do to make our school, and the world, a cleaner and greener place to learn and live in.”

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