Gad’s Hill students have #MathsWeekEngland figured out

Kindergarten and Junior children have been celebrating Maths Week England with a series of fun challenges showing that maths is everywhere!

Our Year four classes set problem solving tasks for their peers using resources from in and around school.  The cohort proved that mathematical problems don’t just appear in text books but also in everyday objects.  Measuring medicine, stacking chairs, studying uniforms and even visiting the tuck shop, all pose questions about symmetry, patterns, estimating, angles, patterns and much more.

Year three classmates discovered shapes, weights, groups and data around their classroom and enjoyed working together to solve numerical brainteasers together.

Meanwhile, Kindergarten children took part in interactive workshops designed to improve their logic and reasoning skills.  The four to seven year-olds carried out a range of fun experiments featuring toy cars, marbles and locks and keys to demonstrate their competency in number ordering, estimating and basic arithmetic.

Maths Week England is billed as the biggest maths festival in the world and aims to provide young people with a positive image of mathematics, and to contribute in a small way to changing the national attitude towards the subject.

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