Year six classmates crossed ‘No Man’s Land’ when they re-enacted a scene from World War One, after being inspired by a recent visit to Hawthorne Trenches.

The 10-11 year-olds have been learning about The Great War this term and, just like brave soldiers before them, they marched from the unoccupied ground (Gad’s Hill field) to the safety of their trench (our very own Forest School).

The Gad’s Hill troops were surprised with parcels from ‘home’, courtesy of Remove Form Tutor, Mrs Titler.  Each child received a personalised letter, fruit sweets and chocolate, delivered by CCF Contingent Commander, Major Lamb.

Mrs Titler said:  “The forms have really immersed themselves in the life of a serving soldier, imagining what it would be like to be away from home and loved ones for so long.

“The packages really lifted spirits and boosted morale, after studying such a serious and sometimes sombre historical event.

“With a range of emotions and knowledge to-hand, the students were able to pen some very impressive and poignant letters home, using a range of expressive and moving vocabulary.”

Before the interactive lesson, Mrs Titler had a very exciting four-legged surprise…

Student Rory had arranged for his beloved pony Bibi, aka Joey for the day, to visit the children.  Meeting ‘Joey’ was particularly meaningful as Year 6 has been reading Michael Morpurgo’s ’War Horse’ at school, whose lead character is ‘Joey’ the horse.

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