Year five classes travelled back in time to the Victorian era to sample how life would have been lived over a hundred and twenty years ago.

The 9-10 year-olds spent a day at Horton Kirby Environmental Centre finding out how different their lives would have been if they were to be born when Queen Victoria reigned.

Crammed into the gloomy replica school house, the Gad’s Hill cohort waited patiently by wooden desks before assuming the identity of an actual child who attended the school.  The children were shocked to learn that many Victorian families had multiple children so their offspring’s names were often obscure, such as ‘Cheese’ or ‘Misery’!

After being ordered to sit and chant times tables – hoping not to make a mistake for fear of being made to stand in the corner, or worse – the classmates continued to learn the three Rs and practised writing with chalk and slates.

Playtime was light relief as the children played traditional games in the sunshine before learning how complicated the old monetary system was, with four farthings to a penny, twelve pennies to a shilling and twenty shillings to a pound.

Finally, the children will use a Victorian map and photos of Horton Kirby to investigate the village.

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