Gad’s Hill GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students have mastered Choux pastry, just in time for tonight’s throwback episode of The Great British Bake Off.

The cohort baked the French delicacies to demonstrate their complex cooking skills and is looking forward to watching out for any ‘soggy bottoms’ tonight!

Teacher Miss Louise Tucker, said:  “Together, the class had to draw on previous cooking experience to ensure the dough was the correct consistency, their piping method was effective and most importantly the cook time didn’t result in an undercooked (soggy) or overcooked (cracked) bake.

“Understanding the science behind any recipe is essential to a successful result.  The students learned first-hand that Choux pastry uses the air and moisture, water and eggs, trapped in the dough to rise instead of a chemical raising agent.

“Well done to our ‘Star Baker’ Josie, whose coveted culinary technique resulted in a crisp on the outside and airy and custard-like on the inside Choux.”

Meanwhile, Senior bakers continued to be challenged with a series of seasonal bakes.

An Autumnal five braided loaf and spooky spider bread allowed students to further understand the properties of bread and the science behind what makes it rise, whilst strengthening their kneading and shaping skills.

Head of Food Preparation and Nutrition, Miss Rachael Baker, was particularly impressed with Year nine classmates who have provided their very own personalised aprons that ‘really inject colour and personality’ into the Gad’s Hill kitchen workshop.

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