Our youngest Juniors were challenged to create Papier-mâché money boxes as part of this term’s DT textiles project.

The seven to eight-year-olds started the assignment by describing the purpose of the product and accurately labelling a sketch of it.

The cohort went on to discuss a form plan showing which materials, equipment, tools and techniques were required before agreeing on design decisions to complete the task.

Junior teacher Mr Waring said:  “In true Blue Peter style, the two J3 classes chose a balloon, newspaper and lots of layers of tissue paper for the foundation of their money boxes.

“Together, the classmates worked diligently to add recycled materials to personalise each piece of artwork.  As the tricky job of arms, legs and fins were attached, the children revisited their sketchbooks to rejig their original blueprint to ensure the moneybox stood upright (especially if it has money in it!) and had an accessible slot.

“Currently taking shape on the washing lines in my classroom are pandas, penguins and pigs, as well as elephants, dinosaurs, helicopters, robots, planets and even a Minecraft creeper and a Christmas pudding!”

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