The youngest children of Gad’s Hill school learned more about African dance in their music and movement workshops this week.

Led by dance and drama teacher, Mrs Amanda Crowter, of the Amanda-Jayne Stage School, the Kindergarten classes took turns moving to the rhythm of traditional African pieces, as well as some favourite Disney tunes.

The Nursery to Year two students clapped and stomped their feet to the beat of a drum while dancing with friends and teachers in the school’s theatre.

African dance is a ‘performing art deeply woven into the social fabric of Africa and generally involving aspects of music and theatre as well as rhythmic bodily movement.’

Mrs Crowter said:  “Introducing dance and music at an early age improves concentration and memory and incorporating movement into our lessons greatly benefits the children’s co-ordination, balance and control.”

Studies show that being able to move along to a beat helps develop motor skills in young children.  If they are able to recognize a beat and then replicate it, it means that the child can easily identify patterns – this is a key mathematical skill.

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