Gad’s Hill J4 classes discovered what can happen to teeth if they are not looked after properly – by carrying out an experiment with eggs!

During their lesson with Science teacher, Mrs Agnieszka Piszczek, the junior classmates observed eggshells (which are similar to teeth) that had been soaked in various liquids for a week.  The aim of the practical was to see first-hand what damage everyday drinks can do to tooth enamel.

Together, the eight to nine-year-olds realised that sweet, sticky substances are not good for teeth as they cling to the surface and result in bacteria forming where the sugar is broken down to make acid.

After witnessing how apple juice, milk and cola can stain and decay their teeth, the cohort promised to keep cleaning theirs twice a day every day!

The highlight of the investigation was seeing what happened to a vinegar-soaked egg.  The children learned that the acidic solution dissolves the calcium carbonate in the shell, leaving just the membrane intact, which means it can bounce!

Riley, 8, who has been at Gad’s Hill since Nursery, said:  “I was shocked at how the eggs looked… and smelled!  I can’t wait to try the vinegar experiment at home as it was really fun!”

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