Year eight students found out more about logic in their Computer Science lesson… by making their very own lightweight gliders!

The 12-13-year-old classmates were challenged to create an algorithm (a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task) to make and fly the perfect paper aeroplane.

The purpose of the session was to help the cohort realise that the term ‘algorithm’ is just a list of straightforward steps that can be applied to everyday tasks and will result in a desired end product.

Head of Computing, Miss Tanya Newman, said:  “The students quickly realised the more detailed their instructions, the better the result – as with coding, poor instructions lead to poor programs.”

Once mastered, algorithms translate real world situations to online scenarios and vice versa and in computer programming, algorithms are often created as functions.

Students learned that the order of the individual steps can make a difference to the end result.  They also proved the importance of organizing sequential events into their logical order, which will help lay a foundation of understanding for arranging blocks into programs.

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