A Gad’s Hill Senior has grown his own organic vegetables, ahead of the school’s three year Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE course.

Inspired by subject Head, Miss Rachael Baker, Rahul, 13, created and tended to a vegetable plot at home during the summer break, with some very impressive results.

Rahul said:  “Miss Baker encouraged us to grow our own fresh produce so we could understand how food is harvested.

“I really enjoyed planting cauliflower and pumpkin seeds and watching them flourish – and they tasted much better than shop-bought ones!”

This term, Rahul and his classmates begin the practical and theoretical lessons, which teach culinary techniques, as well as knowledge of nutrition, food traditions and kitchen safety.

September marks the UK’s leading organic food and farming charity, and certification body, The Soil Association’s celebration of organic food.

Miss Baker said:  “What better way to learn about healthy, humane and sustainable food than to grown your own and I am very impressed by Rahul’s commitment and preparation.

“Our GCSE syllabus requires students to have an awareness of organic and conventional farming, as well as free range production.  Rahul’s ‘groundwork’ on the environmental impact and sustainability of vegetables is a strong start to a very relevant and rewarding, and increasingly popular, discipline to study.”

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