Reception children are learning how to express themselves through music and movement today, during one of their regular workshops with our specialist drama and dance teacher.

The four to five year-olds join Mrs Crowter, of The Amanda-Jayne Stage School, in Gad’s Hill’s theatre for a weekly session all about music, movement, rhythm and dance.

Mrs Crowter said:  “Introducing music at an early age improves concentration and memory and incorporating movement into our lessons greatly benefits the children’s co-ordination, balance and control.

“Most importantly, we have fun and I love to see how my Nursery, Kindergarten and Junior classes’ creativity and confidence grows throughout the year.”

Studies show that being able to move along to a beat helps develop motor skills in young children.  If they are able to recognize a beat and then replicate it, it means that the child can easily identify patterns – this is a key mathematical skill.

Music allows the children to move about a lot and hence form a strong relationship between the body and brain.


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