“In turbulent times, it is more important than ever that we are all attuned to our own mental health and to that of our friends and relatives.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and as good a time as ever to reach out to our whole community to encourage you to talk – to each other and to experts such as GPs, mental health nurses or local and national charities such as Mind, Young Minds or Time to Change.

At Gad’s Hill School, mental wellbeing is a vitally important issue. The return of a greater sense of normality has provided a huge boost for so many of our children and young people, and we are looking forward to continuing our regular programme of Wellbeing Days in the coming weeks.

This is a topic that we are determined to understand better and always to improve the quality of our support, alongside our academic ambitions. In the last 12 months, two members of Gad’s Hill staff have gained Level 3 qualifications in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health, 10 colleagues have earned Level 2 Mental Health First Aid certification and a further 12 members of staff recently gained Level 2 Certificates in Children and Young People’s Mental Health from Northampton College. Additionally, there have been 62 completions of the Educare Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People course.

As we continue to learn more about how we can support our Gadshillians to be happy, confident and well, we remind all our pupils that it’s ok not to feel that way – and that they can talk about their worries to any adult in school, who will be able to help.”

Mr Paul Savage, Gad’s Hill School Headmaster, 10/09/2020

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