With students all over the world staying safe at home, today marks the first day of distance learning for many.

With the ongoing support of parents, Gad’s Hill teachers continue to deliver a range of school work, to be completed at home, for all of our students, from Nursery to final year GCSE cohort.

We will be uploading home learning news on our website and social media platforms, so please send any pictures or stories you may have to n.carr@gadshillschool.org

Distance Learning provides activities which students can complete independently at home or with assistance from others where possible.  The completed work is then assessed by form and subject teachers, who will provide feedback to students to help them move forward in their learning.  The normal cycle of education is: plan-do-mark-plan-do-mark…

Today, Year four student Ed set up his own shop and spent £5 on a balanced meal, calculating his workings.

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