Year eight cadets were challenged to think creatively, to complete a treasure trail based on a military mine detection exercise.

The 12 to 13 year-olds were assisted by Gad’s year 10 contingent on the scavenger hunt, where the objective was to unearth a series of ‘safe’ boxed items.

In the British Army, the ‘Vallon Man’ is responsible for finding metal free mines.  The patrol soldier is named after the Vallon machine, another term for a mine detector.

Working together on the school’s shooting range, the cadets put their communication skills to good use, forgaing for clues and rewards.

Combined Cadet Force instructor, Colour Sergeant Andy Lavery, said:   “Teamwork is essential in this type of training.  Students rely on each other to solve problems and compete against the other side.

“Success depends on the cadets’ trust in, and interaction with, each other and I’m pleased to report the mission was a fruitful one.”

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