Year seven students carried out a GCSE-level practical in lesson and all passed with flying colours.

The 11-12 year-old classmates were challenged to produce a stained plant cell slide, correctly set up and use the microscope, state the total magnification used and then pack away their equipment, following laboratory routine health and safety procedures.

Science teacher, Miss Natalie Cannon, said:  “The entire cohort performed exceptionally well and I am very pleased with the results.

“Not only did they listen and follow instruction impeccably, they worked brilliantly together and showed a real understanding for the task and topic.”

Miss Cannon was particularly impressed by James:  “He exceeded all expectations and produced a slide perfectly stained, without air bubbles, which is not at all easy to do.”

The Shell classes are looking forward to studying Electromagnetism this week and will be setting up circuits and measuring resistance in a wire.

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