Our Nursery and Kindergarten children carried out an experiment today to prove just how important it is to wash your hands.

The three to seven-year-olds joined school Medical and Welfare Manager, Mrs Christie Godding, to learn more about how germs can spread, as part of their continued learning about health and hygiene.

Taking turns, the children dipped their fingers in a bowl of water and glitter and were amazed at how much product remained when they took them out.  Mrs Godding explained that oil and dirt from unwashed hands attracts the glitter, just like it would germs.  Next, the children washed their hands and repeated the experiment – this time, hardly any glitter stuck as they had clean hands.

Mrs Godding said:  “Making hygiene habits fun, encourages our youngest children to embrace them.

“Teaching essential life skills at school and home allows everybody to take responsibility for being happy and healthy.”

As well as promoting and following NHS advice on healthy hand washing, Gad’s Hill School adheres to the national health and wellbeing guidelines set out by Public Health England.

All Gad’s students, from Nursery to Year 11, receive regular healthy living sessions be it in assembly, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons, or form time.  This morning, our Kindergarten children learned how ‘catch a sneeze’ in a tissue, to avoid spreading germs.  Tomorrow, the Seniors are taking part in a termly wellbeing day, where they go off-timetable and work with peers, teachers and visiting experts to celebrate being part of a happy and vibrant school.

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