Our Year two classmates took part in a science workshop at The Historic Dockyard Chatham this week as part of this term’s topic on materials.

The six to seven-year-olds were set out on a fact-finding mission, completing fun and exciting challenges with friends.

Their first task, ‘What’s in the bag?’ saw pupils investigate a selection of materials used in shipbuilding.  In groups, the children modelled a ship hull shape from polymer and floated it in a bespoke ship-model testing tank to discover how metal ships float even under wind and wave conditions.

Next, K2 listened intently to a story by children’s author Julia Donaldson and used their imaginations to continue the plot, discussing characters and themes.  Together, they decided what they would take in a patchwork bag if they were to go on a journey like the character in the story.

Finally, the students’ teamwork and collaboration skills were put to the test as they built and tested a ship’s hull – they even fitted a motor.

Form tutor Mr Patey said: “Everybody enjoyed the day and to have activities tailored to what we have been learning in class made the day fun and factual.”

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