Our KR children spent time at a toy workshop to find out how stuffed animals are made, and to choose a class bear for everybody to take care of.

The youngsters visited Build-A-Bear at Bluewater, where, together, they created ‘Shine’, the form mascot for 2020.

The cuddly new friend will go home with a different child each week and help them write a diary about their adventures together.

Working as a team, the four to five-year-olds voted on which style of bear and outfit to choose, before taking turns to fill Shine with soft stuffing.

As well as ‘magic fluff’, each child put a tiny heart emblem inside the bear, to represent every member of KR and to mark such a special day together.

There was much excitement when the children were invited to select a scent for Shine.  ‘Sugar ‘n’ Sparkle’ was the most popular choice, closely followed by pizza, birthday cake and chocolate.

Class teacher, Mrs Rebecca Heustice, said: “Visiting Build-A-Bear is somewhat of a tradition in the first school year at Gad’s.  The children take a real pride telling the class how the bear joined-in with their family life.”

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