Gad’s Hill’s entire Junior School took a day trip to the capital to watch the theatre performance of Mary Poppins.

Accompanied by teachers, parents and Senior drama students, the 7-11 year-old children watched the acclaimed Disney musical at The Prince Edward Theatre in the West End.

Head of Junior School, Mrs Glynda Cullen, said:  “Many of our children have read the book or watched the film but to see the story of Mary Poppins told on stage really brings it to life.

“Classmates watched in amazement as the colourful characters acted, danced and sang the magical adventure, leaving the author in their young minds motivated to be able tell such a tale. “

Back at school, and inspired by the dramatic production, both Year four forms continued learning about the themes of the fictional book, which is this term’s class text.

Using their imaginations, the students created artwork to represent a fantasy world ready to ‘jump into’, just like Mary Poppins and the children’s chalk drawings.  The boys and girls to consider the lead character’s words:  ‘Everything is possible, even the impossible’.

The 8-9 year-olds were then challenged to pen a piece of creative writing based on their make-believe realms, demonstrating their ability to build atmosphere, tension and suspense in their composition.

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