Kent and Medway junior school children joined Gad’s Hill Year six students for a ‘Challenge Day’ this week, ahead of joining the school in September.

The 10-11 year-olds took part in a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshops with the school’s Science and Combined Cadet Force staff.

Gad’s Headmaster, Mr Paul Savage, said: “The purpose of the day was for children to meet new classmates and to work with them on a number of fun academic and physical challenges, requiring them to put their scientific knowledge to the test, as well as their ability to think creatively.”

After introductions and refreshments, the new Gad’s Y7 2020 cohort set about designing, building and racing their very own balloon car racer, with each team member taking a project lead, Finance Manager, PR or engineering role – achieving some impressive results.

A hearty lunch of roast pork, or Quorn, followed by homemade Rocky Road, provided the students with the energy to take on Gad’s obstacle course and try their hand at paintballing in the school’s shooting range.

The soon-to-be Y7s, or ‘Shells’ as they are known at Gad’s, then worked alongside our Combined Cadet Force on team-building challenges designed to boost their problem-solving skills and communication.

At the end of the day, parents were greeted by enthusiastic and relaxed children at an informal reception where they met teachers and other Gad’s families.

Mr Savage added: “It was lovely to get to know our new children and their families and to introduce them to our Juniors, who will be moving up too.

“Being part of the Gad’s family is a big part of our Kindergarten, Junior and Senior school and I was proud of how welcome our children made the new students feel.

“I look forward to another successful year of leading young learners through their Senior education.”

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