Read Geography teacher Mr Benedict Harris’ report on Y10’s recent Geography fieldtrip to Juniper Hall Field Centre:

Gad’s GCSE geographers did their teachers proud during an intensive residential fieldwork excursion to the South Downs.

The three day trip provided an excellent opportunity for students to hone their geographical skills by studying the interactions between physical and human geography.

The main focus of the first two days’ activities was a physical geography enquiry: (i) on the drainage basin of the River Ouse and (ii) on how the cross profile of a river changes with distance downstream.  This involved conducting field sketches of the Herrings Stream and collecting measurements of width, depth and velocity.

Day three saw the 14-15 year-olds concentrate on a human geography enquiry on regeneration.  Together, they conducted a fieldwork investigation into the impact of urban sprawl in the surrounding areas of Eastbourne.  The eleven-strong cohort observed the city landscape with a critical eye and assessed the impact of regeneration schemes thereby better understanding how urban change has created challenges and opportunities for people in the area.

In both locations students engaged in a wide variety of primary data collection techniques, which formed the basis for analysis and evaluation back in the classrooms each evening.

All of the Gad’s group showed commitment and superb attitude to learning despite the wet and windy weather!  They will have gained valuable insights into the way in which geographical investigation can shed new light on important issues and their hard work will stand them in good stead when they sit their GCSE exam on both these fieldwork projects.

A special thank you to Ms Ellis for her support, chauffeuring and emergency food-runs!

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